Text Messaging & Email Campaigns

Meet your candidates where they are.

Hiring messages that get opened, get read and get results.

The best way to communicate with candidates is the way they're already communicating.

That's why Nexxt makes it easy for you to create targeted text and email campaigns to the people you most want to reach.

Search. Select. Send.

The Nexxt Campaign Builder™ lets you identify your audience from our
opt-in database of millions using job title, keywords and location.


Start real conversations with your candidates.

Think of the last time you deleted a text without reading it. Doesn't happen, right? Now imagine the power of texting qualified, opt-in candidates about your hot opportunity or upcoming career event.

Text2Hire gives you direct, immediate access to the people you want to hire - and who have already said they are open to receiving career opportunities via text.
Oh, and it works.
average open rate
average response rate within the first hour
of job seekers say they want to get targeted jobs via text

Text2Hire Conversation or Blast:

Choose the Text2Hire option that fits your hiring goals.

Text2Hire Conversation

Manage conversations with multiple candidates through a central desktop.

Text2Hire Blast

Send a one-way text with a link to your job ad or landing page.

Why text with candidates?

There are some benefits of texting that simply can't be
matched by other recruitment methods.



Impossible to ignore.

Email Campaigns.

Deliver your message with targeting that doesn't miss.

Boost your job ads, your recruitment brand and your applies with targeted email marketing. Nexxt can help you build a custom campaign with your branding, your message, and your goals in mind. In other words, it's your arrow - we just take care of the aim.

Email is great if you care about:


Show them who you are.


Get eyes on your job ads.


Spread the word about
career events and more.


Show them who you are.


Get eyes on your job ads.


Spread the word about
career events and more.

Difference Maker:

Connect with in-demand candidates

As Director of Recruitment for a network of healthcare clinics, Mike's biggest challenge is quickly finding qualified candidates for thousands of skilled nursing positions at hundreds of locations across the country. Using Text2Hire, Mike's team of recruiters has been able to start immediate conversations with RNs and drive attendance at career events way up, even in rural areas. They even use Text2Hire to reconnect with past attendees and generate fresh interest.

Send a message candidates can't ignore 
with targeted text and email campaigns.