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Easily identify the best talent.

Sometimes the best candidates don't come to you —
but that doesn't mean they're not out there.

The Nexxt candidate database is diverse, unique and millions strong. Tap into it to find the talent
you want, whether you're casting a wide net or hyper-focused.

Two ways to access talent:
Subscription plans

Complement your job promotion with candidate database access, included with Recruiter and Recruiter Premium plans.

Resume search API

We're integrated with the top Applicant Tracking Systems and provide a resume search API, so importing resumes into your own database is quick and easy.

Go from millions of candidates to one great new hire.

Search, filter and save the talent you discover, all in one easy-to-use platform.

User friendly features

Flexible search criteria

Smart filters to focus your results

The Nexxt Candidate Database:
Diverse, unique and millions strong.

Email Alerts

Set up an email alert for your search criteria and we'll notify you about new candidates with your must-haves.

Multiple Portfolio View Options

Get a complete view of candidates by easily toggling between the unique infographic-style portfolio, a simple text-based version and their traditional resume.

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Check out our user-friendly search experience and talent-filled database. Even check out partial portfolios before you buy.

Difference Maker:

Uncover talent waiting to be found

Justin is the owner of a staffing firm with a constant need for fresh sources of talent. Due to the high volume and broad range of requisitions his team has to fill, the Nexxt Candidate Search has become an invaluable tool for proactively seeking out prospective candidates. With Candidate Search, Justin's firm can identify and reach out to great-fitting candidates who are open to new opportunities but may not be actively looking.

Your nexxt great hire may be just one search away.