Career Sites

Utilize proven HR Technology to elevate your hiring game by spotlighting your brand image on an easily created webpage that looks and feels just like a part of your company website.

Highlight Your Brand, Promote Your Jobs and Events, and Manage Your Candidates

Through Nexxt's HR technology platform you can access the tools to seamlessly allow candidates to search, view, and submit their resume to your company's open positions, hiring events, and talent network all on a webpage that looks and feels like a native part of your website.

Career Sites

Match your corporate website's style by adding your logo and header and footer images to tell your company's story that inspires top talent to become part of your mission. Nexxt's customizable career sites are easy to use and can be created in a matter of minutes.

Imagine How You'd Use
Your Career Site

Use your site however you'd like to promote your organization–it could be by linking it to your corporate website, sharing it on social media, including it in your email footer, etc. Then manage your talent all on Nexxt's Employer Desktop to understand where all of your candidates are coming from for a truly effortless experience.

Career Sites are great for:


Build, launch, and manage your career site in no time.


Show candidates who you are and why they should join your team.

Seamless Experience

Drive talent directly to your career site and into your Nexxt Employer Desktop.

Launch your career site in no time to start sourcing the best talent.