Hiring Events

Get the right candidates to your hiring events.

Event promotion that simplifies the process and optimizes your turnout.

Get your virtual or live hiring event in front of the right audience with our streamlined event promotion process.

Hiring Events
Nexxt will provide the qualified audience, the campaign guidance, and the event promotion needed to make your virtual or live event a success. Nexxt will even capture registrations and provide you with a list prior to your event. In other words, we’ll focus on getting people to your event, you focus on engaging them at your event.
Meet our audience:
45+ M
candidates interested in receiving career opportunities via email
10+ M
candidates interested in receiving career opportunities via text
14+ M
job alerts sent daily to our engaged members

Why Nexxt Hiring Events?






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Difference Maker:

Nexxt handles it all – from promotion to registrations

As Head of Talent Acquisition, Allen often turned to hiring events as a way to fill a number of open positions. He found the hardest part of hosting these events to be the promotion of them – cutting through the noise to reach the right type of candidates. 

By using Nexxt’s Hiring Events, Allen was able to reach qualified candidates through a variety of channels. Nexxt even handled the registration; Allen just provided a few details and Nexxt created a custom landing page to capture registrants for his event.

Make your next event a success!