Network Sponsorship

Spotlight your opportunities and employer brand.

In a cluttered career space, make your voice heard.

Network Sponsorship gives your hiring efforts and employer brand a leg up, putting
them front and center where engaged job seekers are actively looking for opportunities.

Highly engaging content. Timely updates. Millions of targeted impressions. Gain valuable exposure for your jobs and your recruitment brand with a Nexxt Network Sponsorship. With over 100 million members and 10 million daily job alerts sent, we’ll help drive relevant candidates to your opportunities.

Choose to send your message to millions of professionals, or precisely target your audience by industry or location.

Network Sponsorship includes two sponsorship placements to maximize your exposure to our active members.

Email Sponsorship

Feature your hiring message and brand at the top of our Career Alert emails where job seekers find the latest jobs that fit their job search. Easily the most engaging communication for active job seekers, Career Alert emails offer you prime exposure to a captive candidate audience.

Site Sponsorship

Receive high-value impressions across Nexxt’s Talent Ecosystem where job seekers are actively searching for their next opportunity.

Turn up the volume on your recruitment message.