Extend your message. Expand your audience.

Reach 4x as many people with your jobs.

Candidate retargeting gives your brand and opportunities extended ongoing exposure
to the people you want to reach, even when they're not looking at jobs.

What's retargeting?

Ever look at a product online, only to have ads for that very same product follow you around the web for days? That's retargeting. And instead of trying to sell you running shoes or detergent, those ads could be promoting your job.

Extend your reach beyond a single site.

With Candidate Retargeting, your jobs and messages will be broadcast to an expansive network of career and online destinations where all kinds of candidates interact and engage. Active to passive. Focused to broad. And everywhere in between.

Site Retargeting
Put your hiring message in front of people who have already shown interest in your job, or one like it.
Look-alike Audiences
Attract new potential candidates by targeting people who "look like" the job seekers who have already expressed interest.
Nexxt Member Targeting
Create targeted campaigns to Nexxt members in the industries and locations that fit your hiring needs.
Why do I need retargeting?

Passive exposure.
Because the best person for the job may not be looking for one.

Brand visibility.
Because people have to know you before they can want to work for you.

Recruiting reinforcement.
Because refreshing your candidate funnel helps all your hiring efforts.

Candidates are everywhere. Now your jobs can be, too.