Text Messaging Campaigns

Meet your candidates where they are—on their phones.

Hiring messages that get opened, get read and get results.

The best way to communicate with candidates is the way they're already communicating.

That's why Nexxt makes it easy for you to create targeted text campaigns to the people you most want to reach.

Think of the last time you deleted a text without reading it. It doesn’t happen, right? Now imagine using the power of text to reach qualified, opted-in candidates about the latest job opportunities at your company or an upcoming career event.

Text2Hire gives you direct and immediate access to the people you want to hire – and who’ve already said they’re open to receiving career opportunities via text.
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open rate
average response rate*
12+ M
opted-in candidates

*Data based on Text2Hire Conversation.

Text2Hire Blast or Conversation:

Choose the Text2Hire option that fits your hiring goals.

Text2Hire Blast

Get your hiring message out quickly to all the right people

  • One clear and direct message drives traffic to your job opening or career event
  • Engage with a high number of candidates quickly and effectively
  • No need to monitor a dashboard or responses

Text2Hire Conversation

Start instant conversations with in-demand candidates

  • Central desktop makes it easy to have individual conversations with hundreds of candidates
  • Personalized messages maximize potential engagement
  • Real-time candidate interaction makes an immediate impact

Why text with candidates?

There are some benefits of texting that simply can't be
matched by other recruitment methods.



Impossible to ignore.

Send a message candidates can't ignore with targeted text campaigns.